Monday, May 4, 2009

Mary's B-day Video

Friday, February 27, 2009

YeS! She has got it!

Indeed my lil darling is officially a bike rider! So proud! She got it yesterday on "the 26th," of course.

I am in finals week. Plan to do some bloggin over the semester break!

xoxo, critti & magic mary

Friday, December 26, 2008

Utah with the BFFs

Trip to Utah

Catwalk it...


The BFFs...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Day in the Life of Magic Mary

(Note: i know i have much to blog. ya, i dont even have Halloween pics up yet. but they are coming- probably w/ my semester break. but be patient- im pretty swamped w/ school. :)

However, I am, for the very first time, blogging the DAY OF. yes, we are so proud! :)

Mary and I "spoon" everyday after she gets off the bus. "How was your day? What did you learn?" type of stuff. Today she announced that Connor wants to marry her! very exciting. So, i play along. i tell her all about how you really really really need to know a lot about the person you marry.
I also add w/ a smirk, "You do realize you two are only 5 years old." Mary replies in her sweet matter-of-fact way, "Um Momma, Connor is actually 6!!"
Oh gosh, my bad! so funny!
I ask "Well, what do you want your husband to be like?"
Mary: "I want him to be cool!"
Me: "What makes Connor so cool?"
Mary: "Um, he has this really cool, freaky shirt w/ one oozing, green eye! its so cool!"
Me "Ok, so he wears cool shirts. Does he like kids?"
Mary: "He is a kid, Momma. So he totally likes em"
Me: "Check. How does he treat his Mom? Is he respectful?"
Mary pauses.... "Um, we're just gonna say YES, ok? Cuz im not sure."

Mary is close to riding her bike w/out training wheels! I bet just a few more days and she'll have it! Here she is tonight w/ Aunt Kimothy.

Mary often sets her clothes out the night before. Tomorrow's outfit: complete w/ stuffed animal in hand. so funny! She has started wearing pants under her skirts. Work your old style, girlfriend!

A few Mary Mckenna Quotes:
This weekend we were laying on the lawn, enjoying our "This is why we live in Arizona" weather as Mary calls it, writing poems. Mary wrote a beautiful poem about sparkling unicorns in the silver fog. I started to write one titled: 'I need a kiss! A kiss from the cutest and the best!' (I often say these words to Mary) Then i asked myself aloud "How does a kiss from the cutest and the best make me feel?" Mary was walking by and simply answered "Fantastic!!" Wish you could hear her lil voice, she is so funny!

Mary the Manipulator:
This kid is good! I mean she should already be receiving credits for Law school w/ her ability to manipulate a situation.
The other day Mary proposed "Mom, lets just have a 'No talk zone' for about a half hour. You can go and do your homework, and I'm going to just give these candycorns some air, ok?"
the proposal meant: i want to eat these candycorns and i dont want you to be able to tell me no! I couldnt help myself and burst out laughing. She laughed at herself too. But, man does she keep em coming!

My Magic Mary:
Mary will often go "Sage" on me. Where she talks, reasons, and understands beyond her years. Her "sage-ness" amazes me daily.
One night while i was putting her to bed she began to explain to me in her "sage" tone. She said "Momma, I should have told you this years ago." (I had no idea what she was referring to, I thought she was going to try and weasel some chocolate milk out of me or something:) "Momma, i should have told you this when i was 3 0r 4." (granted she is only 5 now) I eagerly inquired. Her response was one of the most precious things I have ever heard. "Momma, I have loved you ALL my life. I have ALWAYS loved you. I loved you before I was born."

Sunday, November 16, 2008

GodDess Gramamma's 80th Birthday

So MY Gramamma is a gift to all! she is truly amazing. Easily the GoDdess of Grandmas. And how she is 80 is beyond me. She creates, gives, accomplishes and travels more than someone half her age. :)
Lots of family and friends traveled to her beautiful home in Meridian, ID to help her celebrate 8 decades. Oh i wish i could post the movie my bro Miko made of her Life- holy tears! wow! i'll have Miko work on that for ya.

Here are a few pics of mi GodDess Gma and the BFF- they refused to miss such an event. :) Please reference Suz's blog for more details on that weekend: Surprising Ebeccra & Ezra and the vicious blizzard we encountered on our drive back to UT.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

10-4 Good Buddy ~ Brigg Benson Parker ~

So i have this AMAZING Sister April ("Meine Hermana"as I like to call her, we mix it up w/ German & Spanish)! She had her 4th Baby ~Brigg Benson Parker~ on Oct 4th. We were ALL there when he arrived: Trent, Emi, Chase, Kali, Mary, & Jamie Sue. April is as calm and cool as the... summers are long and hot down here! We are so GRATEFUL that Brigg is so healthy and handsome. But thats typical of April and Trent's kids, of course. :)

Symphony w/ Woods

Erinela, Ryan, and I took the girls to the Mesa Symphony to give em a lil culture and combat our white trash ways. ; )